11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Use Social Media Marketing

11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Use Social Media Marketing

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11 reasons why your business needs to use social media marketing 

It’s 2021, we all know what social media marketing is at this point, but is your small business taking advantage of this? 

There are almost 4 billion people now on social media, and they’re looking at everything from new-baby posts, to a local skincare brand they’re thinking of buying from.

Social proof is one of the most deciding factors in consumer buying behaviour. 

Think about it, when was the last time you bought something without searching for reviews of the product or business online? 

I know the answer to this, because 91% of people admit to searching for online reviews before buying a product.

Now imagine you’re looking at visiting a local brewery while you’re on holiday. You’ve found 3 in the area that you’re interested in visiting. One is active on Instagram with hundreds of comments from visitors expressing excitement at the brand. One has an inactive account that posts the odd shot of a beer bottle that averages 10 likes and a comment. And one has no social media pages at all. 

Which do you choose to visit?

That is the importance of social proof. And that is why your business needs to be active on social media.

What companies use social media marketing?

This is the amazing thing about social media. There’s a platform suited to every business you can think of!

Engineering companies can thrive on LinkedIn, breweries on Instagram and Facebook, skincare brands on TikTok. There’s a platform for everyone.

Social media marketing is effective for so many businesses for so many reasons!

11 reasons why your small business needs to use social media marketing | Leatherbackmedia.com
  • Like we just said, social proof is an incredible tool that you should actively be seeking out to help grow your businesses credibility and awareness.

  • Social media users spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media every single day. That’s 2.5 hours that you could be using to reach a new audience and turn community into clients!

  • It humanizes your brand. People like to see people! A 2019 study showed that our brains light up at the sight of other faces, as opposed to product photography. This helps you to build genuine engagements and create a sense of authenticity for your audience.

  • You keep on top of your audience’s minds, and you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. Almost 70% of people log into their social media accounts at least once a day! This gives you the opportunity to connect with fans and followers every single day!
This is why small businesses need to use social media marketing: almost 70% of people log onto social media at least once a day
  • It can massively increase your website traffic! When our Instagram account had less than 100 followers, we still had over 50 click throughs a week onto our website (and we weren’t even selling a physical product!) People who want to learn more about your business can do so in one simple click.

  • It can produce new leads at a significantly lower cost than traditional media (we’re looking at you Facebook Lead Gen ads!)

  • Your well-thought out content can go viral on social media incredibly easily, A.K.A, free advertising. Why spend money on traditional ads, when good social media content can do it for free.

  • It gets you free content to use on your social media platforms, websites and more! People love to feel seen, and providing your audience gives you a release, you’re free to use content that they have generated for you for free as part of your own content strategy!

  • It allows you to connect directly with the audience that you have already succeeded in building! Social media is a two-way street for communication. You can monitor PR responses, deal with reputation management, and build loyal followers with a few taps from your phone!

  •  It’s an incredible tool to learn about your audience more than you ever could before! Your insights can tell you how old most of your audience are, which content they like the most, and where they’re located, all of which you can then use to continue to grow your business!

  • As opposed to traditional advertisements, paid advertisements on social media can target these specific segments of audience that you’ve found. (Think higher ROI than ever before!) Not only that, but you can retarget any of your audience who have bought before, clicked through to your website, or interacted with particular content!

Social media marketing is such an important tool if you want your small business to grow in 2022. So take advantage now!

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