The Ultimate Small Business Christmas Marketing Plan For 2021

The Ultimate Small Business Christmas Marketing Plan For 2021

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The ultimate small business Christmas marketing plan for 2021

Is it almost December already? We bet you thought to yourself, there’s definitely Halloween first, and then that you had to get through Black Friday weekend before you launched your Christmas strategy.

But Black Friday is now almost here, and you’ve run out of time to put together a successful campaign. Right? Wrong!

It’s definitely not too late for you to smash this year’s sales. Put on that Christmas hat, get in the festive spirit, and buckle up, we’re about to give you all the secrets for your small business’ Christmas marketing!

When should you start planning your small business Christmas marketing campaign?

Ideally, as a small business, you will have started planning your holiday marketing campaign well in advance (we’re talking months!) But if you haven’t, don’t worry! It’s not too late to start.

Once you have decided what products or services you plan to have on offer over Christmas, you should set up a calendar of key events, launches, and tactics that you want to utilize, such as offer launch dates, email marketing campaign dates, and any overall marketing strategies you plan to use.

You’ll find most businesses launching their holiday campaigns at 2 specific times; right after Halloween, and right after Black Friday (the biggest shopping day of the year!)

What should your Christmas marketing campaign focus on?

  1. Define your goals

Take a look at last year’s sales figures, and create a goal for this year. Despite what you may be thinking, Covid doesn’t seem to have impacted the total Christmas sales figure in the USA, in fact, holiday sales continue to climb! As well as previous sales figures, you should look at past abandoned cart & recovery rates, promo code redemptions, and what days performed best in 2020.

So your marketing objective this year might be to increase sales by 5%.

  1. Make buying easy

In 2020, e-commerce surged over 32% from 2019 as a result of many people wanting to shop online! It’s likely this trend will continue this year, so make sure your website is optimized for this.

Turn your website into a festive funfair, and make checkout simple for your buyers. Enhancing the customer journey is the best way to avoid leaving money on the table!

  1. Segment your audience

I’m sure as a business you know who your target audience is, but for the holiday season, we want to segment them even further. 

Segment your audience into frequent buyers (who will be your warmest leads), previous abandoned carters who you can retarget with offers, Deal-searchers (who you can craft an irresistible offer for) and panic buyers (who you target with scarcity & urgency, and offer solid fear-solving solutions to!)

  1. Perfect your Christmas offer!

You know what your audience want better than anyone, so craft irresistible offers based on previous buying patterns. 

You can also check out what you competitors are offering & promoting on their social media to help get a feel for what the market will look like this year. Plan to have a few limited-time deals and get them ready to automate.

Some examples of holiday offers might be new discounts, product bundles, holiday gift-cards, free shipping etc. 

Christmas Marketing campaigns for small businesses in 2021
  1. Get into the festive spirit

It’s your job to be constantly reminding your buyers that Christmas is just around the corner!

Decorate your social profiles and online presence with the festive spirit! Set up dedicated, seasonal landing pages for your offers, change cover photos and product photos to be festive, trigger Christmas reminder pop ups for early offer discounts etc.

Why does this matter? 

Attractive landing pages help guide the audience down your sales funnel while converting the information they were searching for. 

Festive pop-ups are a great way to nudge your audience into making a purchase by reminding them that it’s nearly Christmas, while offering limited time deals, bonuses, rewards and sales.

  1. Plan your social strategies

Christmas is an emotional time of year for many reasons (there’s a reason most Christmas adverts are designed to pull at the heartstrings!) So it’s important for you to be spreading your Christmas cheer across all your social profiles. 

Christmas is an amazing time to be utilising all that User Generated Content you’ve acquired over the past year. People love to buy things that other people buy! It’s an easy way of building up your brand trust, which might be the only difference between you and your competitor.

A holiday giveaway can be an amazing way for your brand to reach even more people! Over free products to the winner who posts a photo with their favorite product and a specific hashtag, or who leaves a comment explaining why they love your brand, or shares a story with their followers of what makes your products great! Utilize the recent “add yours” sticker on Instagram to get even more reach.

Utilize social media in your small business christmas marketing strategy this year
  1. Plan your paid promotions

You’ve got your fantastic offers in place, you know your audience and it’s segments down to a T. What’s next?

Cash in on paid ads to target your different audience segments. Retarget users who’ve abandoned carts with new offers, or free shipping. Retarget people who clicked through to your site with social proof, or limited discounts! The opportunities here are endless.

  1. Crank out your email automations

Email automations are going to be your best friend this year! Send out weekly newsletters teasing exclusive sales or offers.

Set up your abandoned cart automations to try and recapture customers that you almost had with free shipping, or additional discounts. 

Give new opt-in’s an exclusive discount for joining, whether that be a free product with X spend, a 10% discount, or a rewards system.

Have your emails all follow the emotion, logic, fear buyer types, with the start of your email being an emotional story, the mid part of your email showcasing your social proof, and the final section reminding users of your returns policy, or a guarantee you might have!

Great, you’ve done all that, how amazing are you?

Follow these tips, and your small business Christmas marketing campaign will be underway in no time!

BONUS! Here are 16 Christmas content ideas to help get you into the festive spirit:

  • Share sneak peeks of your products
  • Show snippets of products or you creating a service and have your audience guess what it could be
  • Create a carousel gift guide for each of your audience personas
  • Showcase products on offer, and how they can help your ideal customer
  • Explain what makes your product or service unique
  • Showcase any charity work you’ll be participating in over the Christmas season
  • Host a Q&A session for product recommendations
  • Create an advent calendar series on your stories with a new offer each day
  • Launch a charitable giveaway, with the winner getting to donate the prize to a person or charity of their choice
  • Take festive themed photos of your products or team members
  • Give your audience a holiday themed how-to video
  • Ask your audience what their Christmas plans are
  • Create and share some Christmas-themed memes
  • Have a creative Christmas caption contest
  • Quiz your audience in your stories on product/service features
  • Share Christmas themed UGC, or team up with influencers to create Christmas themed UGC

16 Christmas content ideas for small businesses in 2021

What are some 2021 festive marketing trends you should expect to see?

  1. A rise in e-commerce shopping as a result of the Covid pandemic (offer good return protocols to aid shopper in their decisions)
  2. An increase in social media purchasing, especially with more rollouts of features allowing you to buy directly from the platforms
  3. Video will be more influential than ever in purchasing decisions. Utilize the rise in video content by showcasing products, features, services, testimonials and behind the scenes content!

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